The Difference Between Vet Clinics & Hospitals

There are several different injuries and ailments that can happen to pets like dogs and cats. Prepare for moments like this by finding an experienced veterinarian in your area.

In most locations, you can either go to a veterinary hospital or veterinary clinic to meet this demand. In the sections below, we'll talk about these options so you are prepared for a pet emergency.

Veterinarian Clinics

Just like medical clinics for people, vet clinics handle minor procedures and preventive care. Veterinary clinics typically send samples (such as blood and urine) to an outside laboratory for testing. To learn more about the capabilities available from your city's clinic, visit a local veterinarian.

Pet Hospitals

Vet hospitals have two major differences from vet clinics. First, size. The buildings and staff are both bigger than what you will come across with vet clinics. The next is services offered. Vet hospitals often include dental services, ultrasounds, radiology, and laser therapy. When major emergencies occur with your pet, this is often where you will want to take them.

Where to Start?

Prioritize your pet's health by finding vet hospital Gaithersburg MD as soon as possible. You'll be able to quickly find the veterinary services that your dog or cat needs from a local vet.