StressFree Day Care

Taking a small child to a day care center can be heartbreaking. You will constantly constantly think about this child during the workday. But there are a small number of items you can do to make the early childhood learning center Draper Ut process easier.

Before Your Decision

  • Set Up a Visit: Not all day care facilities are the same. Some are spotless and operated by skilled staff members; others aren't in any condition for children. Make sure you take a look inside to know what you are in for. You should also familiarize yourself with the day care instructors.
  • Verify Accreditation: Accreditation is a means to verify the quality of a day care center. Look for the seal of approval by the the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA), the National Association of Young Children (NAEYC), or the the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC).
  • Check Adult-to-Child Ratio: Enrolling too many children will result in inadequate care or even unsafe conditions at a day care. If your child is an infant, shoot for a ratio of four children for each adult. One adult for every ten children is the accepted standard for four-year-olds.

After Your Decision

  • Meet Regularly: Meet often with the day care center employees. This ensures that you are always up to date on your child's behavior, things they have learned, and what to expect moving forward.

  • Volunteer: Volunteer appointments are offered at almost any day care organization. This doesn't just mean watching kids. There is also a need for parents to come on the weekend to clean rooms or repair toys.

  • Don't Be Afraid to Make a Change: If you have a change of heart about your day care center, it's your right to select a new option. The well-being of your child is too valuable for a difficult conversation to put it in jeopardy.